Insulation Services Customer Testimonial from Ric V. in Fairport, NY

We hired True Energy Solutions to seal the attic and install blown-in cellulose.

If you are reading this testimonial, you are in the same situation as I was, trying to determine if addressing an attic that you never see is worth the price tag. We purchased a two-story home last year that was approximately 30 years old. We were psyched to see the home had window replacements and a heating and cooling system that was less than three years old. We assumed that we would be comfortable and have lower energy costs. We were wrong. Our first summer we noticed that the system ran constantly and our downstairs was freezing. However, as soon as we headed up the stairs the heat hit us. We had our thermostat set between 66-68 degrees and still we needed a window unit in the master and our walk-in closet was an oven. The poor kids complained it was too hot. During winter we experienced the reverse, especially in our son's room. We even used portable heaters.

When we received the quote, we were scared if it was really going to work. Also, who likes spending money on something that they will never see? New furniture would have been nice. I am super happy we did it. On days over 90 degrees, our thermostat was set on 75 and it did not constantly run. Our downstairs is no longer an icebox and the upstairs is comfortable, no more feeling the heat as we head up. Even better, in a short period of time we will make our money back with the lower energy costs. Especially as energy prices are surging. We are sure we will experience the same this winter. So many times, my wife and I have said that we made the right choice. I assure you to get it done. By the way, all the employees were professional and know their work.

- Ric V. of Fairport, NY
Wednesday, September 8th

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