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https://www.trueenergysolutions.com | 1-877-673-0952 During a particularly harsh winter ice dams caused a lot of water damage to Ryan M.'s Fairport, NY home. The next fall he called True Energy Solutions in the hopes of finding a solution to prevent ice damming and all the damages it causes. One of our certified energy conservation technicians spent half a day performing a thorough evaluation of the property and determined that insulation upgrade and air sealing would help prevent ice dams. Two weeks later, our installation crew was at the site, performing the needed services. Ray was very impressed with how diligent and respectful they were, and how they cleaned up after themselves after the work was done.The ice damming problem was fixed, and as an added bonus, Ryan also noticed that his home is more comfortable now. "The thing we are most happy about is the contact afterwards" -- says Ray. "Anytime I needed questions answered that was really priority for you guys."
Ray M. of Fairport, NY
Kim C. bought her East Rochester, NY home during the winter time and the following spring she found out that there was a huge carpenter ant infestation in the attic. To get rid of the infestation, all the attic insulation had to be removed. Spending the following winter in a home with an uninsulated attic was and extremely tough experience for Kim so she called True Energy Solutions for help. Kim had plans to finish the attic, so she chose to have it insulated with spray foam, which adds R-Value and air seals the space at the same time. The attic is now ready to be finished into extra living space for Kim and her family.
Kim C. of East Rochester, NY
Thursday, February 19th
  Bruce C. from Rochester, NY is a savvy homeowner. When it came the time to find a company to help him improve his home's energy efficiency, he searched the internet for a NYSERDA certified contractor, and this is how he found True Energy Solutions.He was very impressed with the energy audit process, It was the first time his home was so thoroughly evaluated.The process included from a blower door test to determine rate and sources of air leakage, to physical inspection of the crawl space -- something that he as the homeowner wouldn't dare to do.To improve comfort and energy efficiency the house was professionally air sealed, cellulose insulation was dense packed into the wall cavities, and blown into the attic. The rim joist was also sealed and insulated with spray foam.Bruce has noticed a significant improvement in terms of comfort throughout the house, and his energy bills are also lower."True Energy Solutions is a first class company, from the receptionist that answers the phone, to the installers, to Tony who came out and inspected everything up for me. Very professional right from the get go." -- concludes Bruce.
Bruce C. of Rochester, NY
Tuesday, February 17th
  Allison B.'s home in Rochester, NY was really cold and uncomfortable during the winter. After reading the Empower New York email, he felt that it was time to get that problem taken care of, once and for all. He called True Energy Solutions for a full home energy audit, and after a thorough assessment, our certified energy conservation technician was able to show Allison the problem areas, such as air leakages and areas that were poorly insulated. Our installation crew then proceeded to air seal the house, to keep the heated air from leaking out, and then insulated all the exterior walls, the attic and the basement to make the home warm and cozy. "The crew was very professional, they did an excellent job, they cleaned after themselves", says Allison, "I am very pleased."
Allison B. of Rochester, NY
Your crew did an excellent job I gave them a 10!!!
Karen R. of Canandaigua, NY
Monday, July 29th
I got a lot of work done by True Energy Solutions and am happy with the work that was done. They did a home energy audit, air sealing and spray foam in the crawlspace. The work was completed quickly and I have had no problems since they have been out. 
Heidi N. of Avon, NY
Wednesday, July 19th
I am very glad I called you guys out to do the job. You guys are like Wendy's, you don't cut corners and I am grateful for that. You made sure not to cut any corners and not to leave anything undone. 
Ronald J. of Honeoye Falls, NY
Thursday, February 2nd
Testimonial Photo by Sandra C.
The staff was courteous and professional and the overall quality of work was excellent. My neighbor next to you needs you. She has your number and will call. 
Sandra C. of Victor, NY
Thursday, August 24th
The installation crew was experienced, professional, hard working. Very satisfied with timeliness of completion, quality of work and follow up on questions / issues noted.
Charles L. of West Henrietta, NY
Saturday, June 24th
Greatly appreciated how well thy accomedated my pets. Cleaned up job perfect!!
Lindsay B. of Rochester, NY
Monday, July 29th
The crew did an absolutley incredible job. They worked hard, were professional and courteous, and worked with enthusiasm. Definitely exceeded expectations.
Matthew S. of Rochester, NY
Monday, July 29th
I want to express my compliments for the outstanding service I received from Ryan S. He was exceptionally professional, considerate, and positive. He ensured that I had a complete understanding of how to save energy and all the different solutions. He was thoroughly knowledgeable and answered all my questions with superb attention and drive for satisfaction. He demonstrated that he was an utmost master in customer service. I had an excellent experience and I feel that Ryan S. provides service that sets standards. Thank you True Energy Solutions for giving me your best with Ryan.      
Ed C. of Rochester, NY
Thursday, January 14th
Excellent job!!
Donna C. of Rochester, NY
Monday, July 29th
Very Good Work and on time service!! Will refer my friend to us.
Thanh D. of Rochester, NY
Monday, July 29th
I had a Home Energy Audit done at my home.  The auditor was courteous and professional. He arrived on time, was dressed neatly, and showed respect for me, my home and my time. The installation crew was courteous and professional. They arrived on time, dressed neatly and appropriately. The TEAM WAS WONDERFUL!!! The overall quality of work was excellent. Thank you so much!!! I can't wait to see the heat bills after this.
Marcia E. of Spencerport, NY
Friday, August 23rd
Mark, JIm & Ryan could not have been more helpful. Work was more the excellent. They exceded all expectations. Ryab made every efford to make me comfortable. Can not say enough good things about the crew and the work.
Kristen D. of Brockport, NY
Monday, July 29th
Nice People to have do the work. Good Crew, Everyone was Nice.
Ja"Meg B. of Ontario, NY
Friday, July 26th
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