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"Ice Damming” is when heat that escapes the house melts snow on the roof from underneath. The water runs down to the roof overhang and gutters where it is no longer under the influence of heat from the house and re-freezes. This forms icicles (though not always) and a ridge of ice at the eave. The ridge gets higher and higher, and blocks the water from continued melting or a rain from flowing off the roof. Water puddles behind the ice ridge (dam) and flows up underneath the roof shingles, flooding the attic, raining water down inside the house. This can cause a tremendous amount of water damage inside to drywall, wallpaper, kitchen cabinets, furniture, bookcases, finishes, and flooring.

Ice damming is a result of heat that you paid for, escaping into the vented attic. You are heating your roof, and paying to do so.  It means your house is leaking air and under insulated. Chipping ice off the roof is only a temporary reprieve. The permanent solution is to have True Energy Solutions air seal and insulate your home properly. The good news is the repairs pay for themselves over time in the form of lower fuel and electric bills - all while enjoying a more comfortable less drafty home.

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